Course: Remote Care Nearby
Study: Creative Technology (BSc.), University of Twente
Role: Course Organizer & Lecturer
Academic Year: 2013-2017

Course: Telemedicine and data analysis for monitoring
Study: Health Sciences (MSc.), University of Twente
Role: Tutor & Lecturer
Academic Year: 2016/2017

Course: Meten is Weten
Study: Biomedical Engineering (BSc.), University of Twente
Role: Tutor
Academic Year: 2015/2016

Subject: Mathematics
Study: Primary, secondary and university education levels
Role: Private Tutor
Academic Year: 2009-2011


Health Sciences (MSc.)

Title: Virtual reality as a treatment for chronic pain
Year: 2017 (work in progress)
Student: Marloes Kroezen

Creative Technology (BSc.)

Title: AIRplay: A Game that Stimulates Asthmatic Children to do More Physical Activities
Year: 2017 (work in progress)
Student: Justin Krooneman

Title: Using an Active Video Game to Support Self-management of Asthma in Children
Year: 2017 (work in progress)
Student: Mitchell Verlinden

Title: Enhancement of Daily Life Monitoring by Connecting Wearables and Mobile Phones
Year: 2015
Student: Frits Polman

Title: Developing an Automatic Dietary Monitoring Solution with Feedback in Order to Encourage Independent Living in the Elderly
Year: 2014
Student: Yannick Grawenhoff

Psychology (BSc.)

Title: Usability test of the ActivityCoach to promote active ageing in daily life: assessing the needs and wishes of older adults
Year: 2016
Student: Jandia Melenk
Available at: http://essay.utwente.nl/70732/

Title: Investigating the relevance of monitoring health domains using technology among older adults: health, technology and older adults
Year: 2016
Student: Nada El Menshawy
Available at: http://essay.utwente.nl/70015/

Health Sciences (BSc.)

Title: Motives and barriers for performing pleasurable activities: study on the motives and the barriers for performing pleasurable activities in the daily life of the Dutch elderly population
Year: 2016
Student: Sannah van der Heijden
Available at: http://essay.utwente.nl/70707/